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We believe in specialization, and helping Agencies and Freelancers make more money by staying focused on what they do best.

Web Developer and Ataraxia Web Co-founder, Eric Hicks, was there in the 90’s, building websites and trying to figure out hosting for his clients. Eric has spent the last 6 years obsessed with simplifying the process for agencies and freelancers. Sure, things have gotten better with cPanel or custom control panels … but wouldn’t you rather be doing tasks that are directly revenue generating?

Business Growth Advisor and Ataraxia Co-founder, Michael Carli, is constantly encouraging┬áhis clients to “major in the majors!” As a business owner, it’s very easy to get distracted away from doing those things that are most impactful at growing a business. Staying focused is how we, and our clients, grow our businesses.

We specialize in one thing – hosting WordPress websites. We keep them running fast, we keep them updated, and we keep them secure and backed up.